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Wanda Update: Van Fixes & Additions

If you've been following my blog, you know that I'm the proud owner of a converted Sprinter van that I bought last year. I was fully informed about its mechanical needs (plenty), I knew I would be installing a window, and needed to replace the front windshield and sound system. It was a new and first build for the young lad who owned it. His father, a certified electrician, and his mother, an interior designer, had added their expertise. I negotiated the price with all of these costs in mind. Add a broken windshield to this picture and this is what I purchased.

I had appointments over the next few weeks to get stuff done. When the time in the shop was longer than estimated, I was happily buying dishes, outdoor shower kits, a telescoping ladder, and stick-on tiles. I dug into my storage unit for the camping gear I had collected over the years, including a pop-up tent, shower tent, camp cot and porta-potty (bought 5 years previous "for emergencies" and never used). I was tickled by the idea that I could have a "guest room".

I spent several afternoons happily adding decor: the "kitchen” tile and the beautiful wall decals. I arranged and re-arranged things in the cupboards and the space above the cab.

I'm not concerned about being "stealth". I'm not planning on hanging out in urban settings when away from home, road-tripping. I wanted to personalize "Wanda", as I had dubbed her. Heh, I might even gain a new reader from someone who passes me on the road. On the other hand, I don't want to drive a billboard! My daughter, a marketing specialist, gave me a couple of tips and would improve my logo for the magnetic signs.