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Scene of a river slough with a fishing boat in the foreground and a former boatshed in the background

About Me

Mother, Musician, Educator, and Traveller based in British Columbia, Canada

There are more and more mature female travellers looking to travel without life partners or family members. Some of us have been wandering for years. Others are just getting started. Some of us travel alone, some of us have valued travel companions, and some of us join tour groups.

Lyn is a retired music teacher, empty-nester, bird nerd and avid traveller. She shares her journeys sprinkled with travel tips, hints, advice, and support as she meanders around on a budget.

Lyn travels alone or with carefully chosen travel buddies, sometimes as part of a group but more often independently. Travels may be international or wandering in Canada on fabulous vanlife roadtrips. Come meander with me....

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