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First Things, First.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

After a lot of research and pestering of friends (especially Mark T!), I decided to use my unspent travel savings accumulated from cancelled trips and lack of travel to ensure greater comfort while road tripping. Travel Buddy Mady and I had spent weeks in much more rustic vans going through the UK and Iceland; and going back to tenting just wasn't the same after that. I had spent several summers in a parked trailer with the kids when they were little. I was confident.

A former cargo van, converted by a young man (apprentice carpenter) and his dad (electrician) with mom (interior designer) adding her advice. He was heart-broken but Bank of Dad closed after kid spent waaay too much on fancy tires instead of replacing the struts or replacing the windshield.

The original interior. There will be some decorating and some modifications. I love the neutral colours and the easy-clean surfaces on the cupboards. It’s fabulous light with all the doors open but the lights must be turned on if the doors are closed.

The cabinets have strong magnets and gas struts to keep closed during travel but they are not well secured and will need to be replaced.

I love this art work by a friend of the previous owner but I think I might need to have through access. I may have to get out my jig saw and cut it out. On the other hand, it is a good safety feature and prevents anyone from seeing into the back. Maybe I can use it as a door for the compartment above or put hinges on it as a window or something? I'll have to see what the conversion guys suggest.

On my first full day of ownership, I got Wanda a new windshield and sound system. While all that was being done, I hit IKEA for a few essentials. Once I got home, I started decorating by adding this backsplash and some fairy lights. It's just peel & stick. I'm not sure how well it will hold up to the swaying. I like that it defines the "kitchen".

I pulled extra linens, blankets, and pillows from the house. I'm so impressed with how well the colours in my cozy knit blanket go with the bed spread. The bedspread was bought 3-4 years ago for the guest room bed and has spent most of that time in linen storage. The blanket is made of wool I picked out this past winter. I obviously have a colour palette constantly in my head.

I am really happy with how the painted doors look. It's in the same colour palette and is very serene and appropriate for a camper.

There will be more as I figure out what works and what doesn't. I also added a new window installed on the sliding passenger door, and some cool signage featuring my tattoos.

Soooo, tell me what you think. What ideas do you have? Have you got hints for me? Let's talk....


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