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Wanda's Adventures: Englishman River Falls

After picking up Wanda from J5CustomVans, I decided to spend the night at Englishman River Falls Provincial Park before heading home. I was lucky to get a First Come First Serve site in mid-afternoon. I wanted to see how the new build worked and to get an idea of how I might best use the new space. I had a few van chores that I wanted to complete.

I settled in and got to work. I rearranged my supplies, did some decorating, and made a fire. I had a nice bottle of Rosé cooling in the fridge, so I poured myself a glass and watched a couple of "Camp Robber" jays flitter around the lot.

I refuse to cook "camp" food. I enjoy a good full meal and all the preparation that goes along with that. The new cabinet made a great prep counter as I prepared my dinner. The embers of the fire were at the perfect temperature for cooking the steak to accompany my salad. I rise early when I'm camping. I quickly made coffee and grabbed my camera for a walk to the Falls. I was on the trail early, about 7 am, hoping to see some wildlife. I caught glimpses of unidentified small beasties dashing away in the undergrowth and a couple of robins. I was really hoping to see some quail and maybe a deer or two.