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Wanda's Adventures: Barkerville or Bust! (pt 4)

This is part 4 of th Gold Rush Trail series. To start at the beginning, here is part one. If you turn east at Quesnel and follow the road, you will be following the same basic route as the miners of the Cariboo Gold Rush heading to make their fortunes in Barkerville in the 1860s, prior to the birth of Canada.

Barkerville was the main town of British Columbia's Cariboo Gold Rush and has been preserved as a historic town. The Cariboo Gold Rush was the main impetus behind British Columbia's development and eventual membership in the future country of Canada.... and it's a really cool place to explore.

For many generations, long before the gold rush, seven different First Nations travelled through the area, mainly to gather medicinal plants, following the practice of only taking what was needed. The People knew of the gold but only used it sparingly in natural medicines. Life completely changed for the local First Nations people after Billy Barker found gold in Williams Creek.

The historical town of Barkerville is a living museum with costumed actors performing skits and impromptu interpretations a