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Wanda's Adventures: Xat'sul Heritage Village (pt. 3)

You can find part one here and part two here

One of my favourite things about road trips is randomly changing my route because I saw something on a sign along the highway. It is a particular joy to know I always have my bed with me, so I just need a place to park. It suits my meandering ways.

I had left my overnight stop at Lac La Hache Provincial Park and carried on north along the Cariboo Highway, passing some First Nations land and “Mile House” hamlets and towns, but mainly I drove past a lot of ranches and caught few peeks of winding roads going in completely the wrong direction.

I made a fuel stop at 150 Mile House at a full-service truck stop. In the 1880s, 150 Mile House (named because it was 150 miles from the start of the Cariboo Wagon Road) was a bustling town.