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Pet Care While Travelling: My Experience with Trusted Housesitters

Updated: Jul 11

Are you a pet owner who loves to travel but struggles to find reliable care for your furry, feathered, or scaly friends while you're away? As a pet parent myself, I understand the challenges of leaving your pets behind when you go on vacation. Trusted Housesitters has solved my problem of finding pet care while travelling. Let me take you through my experience with this website and how it has made finding pet care stress-free and enjoyable.

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A young woman interacting with a dog and some domestic birds
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My animal companions are 3 birds -- 2 budgies and 1 canary -- Bert, Bea, and Kiki. Options for bird care are slim, at least in my area. My adult children have flown the nest and aren't able to offer daily care. I travel for extended periods, so asking a family member, friend, or neighbour is a big ask, even if I offer payment. I did find a place about 25 km from home where I could board the birds, but the cost made my eyes water. Luckily, I found a post on a travel forum filled with happy homeowners and sitters who enthusiastically recommended the Trusted Housesitters website.

Two yellow budgies and a green canary
Bert, Bea, and Kiki

Joining the Trusted Housesitters Pet Care Travelling Community

The website aims to connect travelling homeowners with pet sitters. No money is charged or exchanged between owners and sitters. Homeowners have the peace of mind of knowing their home and pets are cared for, and sitters get free rent in exchange for looking after the pets and home. Each pays a reasonable membership fee to Trusted Housesitters. Homeowners do not need to be sitters, and sitters are not required to be homeowners. Some members choose to do both.

After hearing rave reviews from fellow pet owners, I decided to sign up for a membership with Trusted Housesitters. I have been a member for four years and have hosted four times, with the fifth starting on the publish date of this post. The registration process is simple, and I was impressed by the reasonable membership cost, considering the peace of mind it offers. It is much less expensive than the boarding options and more convenient. I have found reliable caregivers by creating a detailed profile outlining my pets' needs and expectations for pet sitters.

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Listing Your Home and Pet Care Requirements

One of Trusted Housesitters key features is the ability to create a comprehensive listing for your home and pets. I included all the essential information about my feathered friends—their feeding schedule, exercise needs, and any special requirements. Additionally, I highlighted details about my home to ensure the sitters have all the information they need to decide if they can effectively care for my pets and home. I publish my listing about 6-8 weeks before my departure date and have been able to confirm sitters within a week of my listing going live.

Choosing the Perfect Sitter

Once my listing is live, I receive applications from several potential pet sitters. Trusted Housesitters limit applications to 5 at a time, which is enough for me. If you don't find a suitable pet sitter in the first round, you can reissue your listing to attract more applications.

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Preparing Your Home for Pet Sitters

Before departing for my travel, I prepare my home for the sitter's arrival. I leave clear instructions regarding my pets' care routine, emergency contacts, and house rules they must follow. I also stock up on essential supplies to ensure the sitter has everything they need. You don't need to clear your home of all your personal items, although you might want to put away particular treasures. On the other hand, your sitters will need space for clothes and food, plus a place to work.

I want my sitters to feel like guests in my home and be comfortable. I clear out space in dressers and closets. I ensure home alarms, security codes, systems, and appliances are updated and serviced. I clean and empty the fridge, a tall dresser, and kitchen cupboards. Bathrooms are stocked with fresh soap, shampoo, and extra towels.

an empty kitchen cupboard
Sitters need space!

I buy a bottle of wine and make some cookies as a welcome gift. I plant pretty flowers and set up the rooftop patio, where I hope they will enjoy a glass of wine before the fire table as the sun sets behind the mountains. I check the automatic watering system is working.

The "Welcome Guide" is a template created by the website and completed by owners. The comprehensive guide covers a million details about your home and community, covering everything from water shut-off valves to the best local shops. Sitters can access the guide once both sides have confirmed the gig.

What to Expect

Throughout my travels, each sitter has kept me updated with photos and messages, reassuring me that my pets were in good hands. I get regular updates, videos, and photos. I return home to find my pets happy and healthy, with the added bonus of a well-maintained house. The experience has been seamless, and I enjoy my vacation, knowing that my pets receive the love and care they deserve.

Final Thoughts

Finding care for your pets while travelling doesn't have to be a daunting task. Thanks to platforms like Trusted Housesitters, pet owners can enjoy their vacations with peace of mind, knowing that their pets are in reliable hands. Listing your home, choosing a sitter, and ensuring proper preparation is simple. Say goodbye to the worries of leaving your animal friends behind and embrace the freedom to travel knowing they are well-cared for by trusted

If you use this link, you will get a 25% discount, and I will get an extra 2 months added to my membership. I am not sponsored by Trusted Housesitters; this is a perk all members receive.

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6 days ago

Fortunately, I'm lucky enough to have several pet hotels nearby where I can leave my dog when I travel.

It's always a worry for those of us with pets to choose where and with whom to leave our animal companions. Especially if they have to stay at home and can't go elsewhere to be looked after. Leaving them with someone who genuinely loves animals and cares for them as if they were us is very important, both for them and for us, so that we can rest easy knowing that they are being well looked after. Angela | Blonde Around The World Travel -

Lyn (aka Jazz)
Lyn (aka Jazz)
5 days ago
Replying to

It is a little easier to find pet hotels for cats and dogs and you are blessed to have a choice in your area. Good pet care while we travel is so important.


As owners (well, staff) to an adorable cat, we know the difficulties of enjoying a trip whilst ensuring that our little kitty is being well cared for. We currently use a cattery which we like very much. We'd been vaguely aware of Trusted Housesitters so it was good to know what the service involves. We usually only go away for a fortnight, so wondered whether that was enough time for housesitters or whether they prefer lengthier stays.


An excellent article to read for those who find themselves in need of this service.

Personally I don't have pets or have ever considered pet sitting so have no experience on these matters.

Good advice here to follow here though.


Jul 10

I've been curious about signing up for Trusted Housesitters (both for my pets, but also to be a bet sitter). I love all animals so it's perfect for me and I would totally spoil every animal. (Of course within the limits of their owner haha). It's also a great way to support fellow travelers with a passion for the world. Nice to hear a real experience of the platform!

Replying to

For people who want a base for a longer stay and are willing to work their explorations around the pet, I see this as ideal. It wouldn't work for the way I travel but I can definitely see the appeal!


Jul 10

I can imagine finding a good carer for pet birds is extremely limited and it's not an option for you at all to bring them along on your trip such e.g. with a dog. The trusted housesitters offering makes sense in this case, it sounds like a mix of Airbnb with the added bonus of looking after pets. This way your birds can stay at home in their familiar environment which reduces stress for them. I also like that the platform charges a membership fee which ensures people have a genuine interest and investment in doing this and not just in for the free accommodation.

Carolin | <a href="">Solo Travel Story</a>

Replying to

It is ultimately up to the owner to choose well when inviting people to stay in your home and care for your pets. I think it is usually best for all animals to stay in their familiar setting, unless they learned to travel from a young age.

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