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"You're so lucky....."

Updated: Feb 19

"No, I'm not lucky. I've made decisions and sacrifices for years. My priorities are different than yours and I have made consistent decisions over my entire adult life to get to this point. Please don't diminish those decisions by suggesting it happened by chance. Honestly, it's insulting." That's what I want to say. I'm getting snarkier as I get older but I'm not there. Yet.

About a million years ago, when I was still at university, I started a travel savings account. I knew I wanted to travel more but I wasn't prepared to go (further) into debt. At the time, all I could afford was about $20 per month on a regular basis but it was a start. I have continued that ever since, increasing/decreasing the monthly amount according to my expenses and earnings but I never zeroed it out, nor did I raid it for other purposes, although I was sorely tempted on several occasions. My travel account collected any "extra" money -- birthday money, income tax refunds, 50-50 winnings, postcard sales, etc.

For a very long time, the balance didn't allow for much but I got a weekend away once a year, usually to a fairly local destination. If I wanted to do more travel, I obviously needed to do more.

For me, travel is a priority, so financial decisions are made by reflecting upon where I get the best or most long-lasting pleasure or by assigning a level of necessity. Coffee is necessary but coffee-shop coffee isn't. It's easy to pour my own coffee in a portable cup. A vehicle is important but I don't need luxury, high performance, or speed. I don't need data on my phone -- I can wait until I'm home or use free WIFI.

I don't do many of the rituals my peers enjoy. I don't get massages, manicures, pedicures, or even regular hair cuts. I learned to be a great cook and vegetable gardener, so restaurant meals can be a rare treat. Friends