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No, You can't come with me.

... very few exceptions apply.

Yes... that includes almost all of my good friends whom I love with all my heart. I will meet you along the way. We can have a drink, a meal, or even briefly travel together but you absolutely positively cannot join my trip. I value our relationship too much. Our travel styles don't mesh.

It's not you. It's me. I'm already in two committed travel relationships. I have a fear of further commitment. I've been hurt before. We're looking for different things. We are on different journeys. I'm really awful to live with, even on a temporary basis -- just ask my ex-husband! I just want to save you from ghosting me upon our return after discovering my many, many faults.

I like to meander. I am a nerd. I am a nerdy meanderer. It takes a long time to get through that museum, or hike, or to drive that scenic route. I will read every sign, photograph every bird, and stop at every viewpoint. I will sit and people-watch. I will listen to street performers for their entire set. I will always stop for artisan cheese. I only use GPS maps for suggested driving routes. I like getting lost.

I'll disturb your sleep in the mornings, never sleep in, and take "breaks" at the end of the day. I wake up early. I need an hour to have coffee, shower, and get all systems ready for my day. Unless my plan is for a lazy day, I'm ready to get out the door about the time that the business/travel world opens. I will stop in the late afternoon for a beverage, usually prosecco, and watch the world go by.

I'm soooooo boring. I usually settle in for the night shortly after dinner. I catch up on emails and social media, edit photos and posts, read a book, do laundry, or plan the next day. I might go to a show, but not a nightclub. I am not going to take thousands of photos of you or me posing this way and that. I will go to nifty artisan shops, marketplaces, and the occasional tacky souvenir stall. You will not drag me into Prada, or The House of Bijan. I will climb every tower, ridiculous stairway, or hill. I won't eat breakfast. If I remember lunch, it will be grab and go, possibly McDonald's. (they always have free WIFI, clean bathrooms, and decent coffee). And I burp -- too often and too loudly.

I'm prepared to get snarky if you insist on "camping food". Dinner will always be a big deal. Time will be spent to prep, cook, eat, and clean up. I will enjoy the entire experience. There will be music on the bluetooth speaker, wine in a (plastic) glass, and, very likely, dancing. There is no need to eat boring food or to forgo dancing when camping. Baked beans with a hotdog on a stick will not be tolerated.

I will embarrass you. I pose with statues and I take every opportunity to dress up. I would insist you join in. I will take photos. I will very likely post them online.

Honestly, I like travelling alone. Really. I have very few people on my Approved Travel Buddy List (ATBL), those people who have a travel style that meshes with mine. I prefer to travel alone than with someone who wants a different experience. I don't want to wait and fit other people's schedules and rhythms. I'm totally fine with admitting that I am not prepared to make significant compromises. Solo traveller doesn't (always) mean Unloved Loner. If you aren't on The ATBL and you drop a hint that you want to join me on my next trip, I will smile and say something noncommittal. I'm really hoping that you'll drop the whole discussion, because the next three trips are already planned and it's not easy to squeeze in another person and match up the planning I've already done. If you are more direct, I will suggest meeting up as part of my longer journey. If you push beyond that, you may get sent the link to this post. Everyone who likes, comments, becomes a member, shares a link or drags some other folks to this blog are automatically placed on my Approved Virtual Travel Buddy List (AVTBL)! Other cool benefits include my gratitude, and the exact same access to the same posts as anyone else who stumbles onto this page, except they probably thought they'd found some fusion jazz-country band.

See you Wednesday!

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