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Mady’s Top Tips on being an Awesome Travel Buddy - Pt 2

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Hitting the Road Together

You’ve carefully followed the tips in Part 1 of this post, and anticipation has been steadily rising… and now, that date that’s been circled on your calendar for months is finally here! Your bags are packed. You’ve triple-checked your travel documents. Your house has been thoroughly organized and cleaned (just me? Okay then.) At long last, it’s time to hop on a plane, train or bus, meet up with your ATB and hit the road for your long-awaited trip!This is where we separate the wheat from the chaff… or the awful, opportunistic travel buddies from the keepers. Read on for some tips on becoming one of the true greats!

1. Celebrate making it to the starting line.

Part of the joy of having an ATB is having an awesome friend to share your adventures. So as much as you’re looking forward to starting your trip, take a moment to enjoy being with your buddy again! A first-day drink, lunch or fancy coffee is a great way to kick off your trip on the right foot.