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Wanda's Adventures: Sunshine Coast

The South Coast

The adventures along the Sunshine Coast continue... if you missed the last couple of posts, I tell you how to get to this area in the post about Robert's Creek. To shamelessly self-quote: "Travellers along the Sunshine Coast highway will enjoy discovering great communities, stunning natural vistas, and a laid-back vibe. If you're looking for a quiet cottage, healing wellness resort, campsite, marina or luxurious beach accommodations; if you enjoy biking, boating, fishing, SCUBA diving, artisan communities, or beach life; the Sunshine Coast has it all yet feels a million miles away from the urban bustle."

The Sunshine Coast is divided geographically by the Jervis Inlet. The major towns on the South Coast are Gibsons and Sechelt, with Powell River on the North Coast. Between these are many small towns and communities to explore for a hour or to linger longer. Most are located on the west coast of the peninsula with few communities in the remote areas hugging Sechelt Inlet to the east of the highway. Today's post will highlight just a few places along the South Coast.

The highway generally follows the coastline to the Sunshine Coast Trailhead at the northern tip of the North Coast and includes a 50-minute ferry ride between Earl's Cove and Saltery Bay that leads into Powell River and beyond. The South Coast portion is about 80 km.

The entire highway is only 139 km long but it will not be a speedy journey. On both coasts, the road is winding and has many sharp turns. It's crucial to pay attention to the speed signs advising slower speeds. Logging trucks lumber through the turns and chug slowly up steep hills as impatient drivers line up behind them waiting for the next passing lane. It is very common to see deer and the occasional bear crossing the road so be alert! note: Ferry fees are collected at Horseshoe Bay and Saltery Bay. One fare covers both ferries. If you stay on the South Coast and return via the Langdale ferry, your return voyage is included.

Upon arriving at the Langdale Ferry Terminal, it's a 10-minute drive north along the Sunshine Coast Highway to the town of