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Let's Visit Castelo Sao Jorge, Lisbon

Set atop the city’s highest hill, Castelo de São Jorge has been presiding over Lisbon since the mid-11th century and has stood watch as Romans fell to the Visigoths and through the back and forth occupations of the Arabic Moors and the Catholic Christians. It survived Castilian sieges and was a welcome sight for returning explorers during the Age of Exploration when Portugal was a world power.

The Castelo was restored and enhanced in the 1940s. The ramparts were completely rebuilt, gardens were added to courtyards and the watchtowers were embellished. The castle was presented to the English bride of King Alfonso Enriques as a wedding gift in 1387. It is that connection that led to the castle being dedicated to the Patron Saint of England, Saint George.

Admission is 10 Euros for adults and can be purchased at the gates or online. It is open every day, except public holidays, staying open into the evening during the summer season. Guided tours are available but we chose to wander about on our own. There are many different parts including the castle & ramparts, an archeological site (restricted), the ruins of a former royal palace, gardens, the Black Chamber with a camera obscura, the permanent museum exhibits and a lovely patio garden area to enjoy lunch with roaming peacocks.