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Versailles: Extravagance and Abundance

The city of Versailles is located just west of Paris and is where Louis XIV had the Park, Chateaux, and Gardens created to intimidate the peasants with his great wealth and power. It was always intended to be a symbol of the Absolute Monarchy System. He managed to hang on to his power until he died of gangrene at age 77.

After the French peasants had finally had enough, there was a revolution. The current monarch of the time (Louis XVI) had his head chopped off, and in 1837 Versailles became a museum. In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles ending World War One was signed at the Palace. The French government owns and operates the property.

We chose to take the train on a Monday and stay overnight at the Ibis Versailles Chateau, located steps from the Palace. Our room was modern and well-appointed. A key card elevator added a level of security that we valued. The staff was charming and helpful. The bar looked good but we only bought water to go. As soon as we settled in, we walked around the hotel to the main entrance to the estate.