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Travel Splurge: The Best Day Ever in Marrakech!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

ahhhh, the Travel Splurge. It's a magical experience that takes a gigantic bite out of your carefully saved travel budget. It's an over-the-top-once-in-a-lifetime-experience (OTTOILE) that you would never consider at home. Maybe you booked it completely spontaneously but more likely, you bookmarked the site and returned over and over again before finally pulling out your credit card.

Mady and I spent one absolutely unforgettable splurge day in Marrakech. Any one of these amazing activities could have qualified as a Splurge on its own, but all together on the same day? It was a complete OTTOILE!

It must be noted that I needed to do a bit of persuasion to get Mady to agree. It all started with me finding a hot-air balloon tour online during one of our marathon planning sessions. I was determined to go but heights is definitely not Mady's thing. Mady has been successfully working to reduce her fear of heights since we met and barely blinks now, but at that time, she was intrigued but a bit anxious. Eventually, her sense of adventure won out and we booked the trip together... and then other things got added to our day to make it a truly spectacular day.

Usually, the only time a Splurge is regretted is the day the credit card bill is paid, and that pain recedes... thank goodness. As it turned out, Mady's concern about her fear of heights was a complete non-issue. She reported feeling very secure and solid. So if your fear of heights is holding you back from booking a hot air balloon ride, go for it with less trepidation!