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Top 10 Things to do in Athens

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Greece is a great destination for budget travellers. Affordable accommodations, excursions, and meals are widely available. Greece is rightly famous for its gorgeous islands and beaches as well as its long and important role in history. Athens, the capital city of Greece and heart of Ancient Greece, is often the first stop on a fabulous Greek holiday. Most travellers to Greece will spend at least a few days in this city before moving on the explore other places in Greece. Summers in Athens are hot, dry, and clear. During the hot season (June-September) temperatures rarely fall below 30 C (86F) and are often warmer. During the winter (November - March), temperatures range from 5 C (41 F) to 13 C (55 F).

1. Take the HOHO tour

I really like Hop-On Hop-Off tours to start my visit to a new city. They are a great way to get oriented and to get a cultural and historical overview. HOHO tours are a fleet of buses that continually drive a route stopping at tourist sites. Most tours have a recorded soundtrack (available in several different languages) that explains some of the history and culture of the city. Some HOHO's have live guides and very entertaining commentary. Riders "hop off" to explore and then "hop on" again after their visit is complete, to carry on the circuit. Tickets are usually for a full day but some companies offer multi-day passes. Pro-tip: Bring your own earphones for better sound quality than the ones handed out on the bus.

I usually take the full circuit once to decide where I want to hop-off, and which places I will visit on a different day. In Athens, there are several different companies offering a HOHO tour: City Sightseeing, Sites of Athens, and Athens Open Tour being the most popular. Go to their website for routes and prices. 2. Wander the Neighbourhoods