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Flashback Friday: Three Valley Lake Gap

Along the TransCanada Hwy in BC is Three Valley Lake Gap, an unincorporated settlement on Three Valley Lake just west of Revelstoke. This is the location of the Three Valley Lake Chateau and Heritage Ghost Town. Next to the large and busy hotel, the Heritage Ghost town includes a collection of heritage buildings, an antique car museum, enclosed railway roundhouse with an antique rail car exhibit during the summer season. It's a great place for a stop on your Great Canadian Road Trip. Here are ten photos to tempt you into stopping for a couple of hours.

The Ghost Town is not actually the leftovers of an 19th century town but is a loving recreation by the owners of the Chateau, Ethel and Gordon Bell. The story is that Ethel gave Gordon an ultimatum about doing something with all the antiques he had collected. This ghost town was his solution. The site now includes 27 rescued buildings, each with a compelling story and place in the history of the settlement of modern British Columbia.

St. Stephen's Church.... there are often weddings held in the church

The Trapper's Cabin

Church cemetary

The Watchmaker's Shop

The Train Museum

A bottle house

Pretty displays in all sorts of corners and nooks


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