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Isles of Mull & Iona, Scotland

Updated: May 24

Touring by campervan is an amazing way to see the world and it's an especially great way to stretch the travel budget. This was especially true for us when Mady and I decided we wanted to tour the UK. We had previously enjoyed a shorter Spring Break trip to Ireland and we knew that there was so much more to explore. We had thoroughly enjoyed our campervan experience in Iceland and were confident in our ability to travel together in tight conditions. We also recognized the financial benefits of combining transportation and lodgings. We're both pretty tight with our pennies and are always looking for ways to get more travel for our dollar.

Our chariot for this trip was solid, reliable, and painted with zebra stripes and a rather evil glare. We were incredibly noticeable, much to the delight of many children we had passed along the way. We smiled and waved like parade princesses as we passed through towns. Our Zedbra Van had chugged along narrow and dodgy back country roads for a couple of weeks and we were ready to park the beast in Oban and let someone else do the driving for a day, so we signed up for a coach ride.