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G-Adventures Costa Rica

Sometimes a group trip is just what a solo traveller needs. A couple of months following hip replacement surgery, I was feeling very spry and ready to take on an adventure but felt, this time, I should probably join a group trip. I also wanted to check out G-Adventures, as I had heard good reviews. They had a special on their 9-day Costa Rica Quest tour. In an unusual move, I even decided to take my chance on sharing a room with an unknown fellow traveller. I added a couple of days to the trip at each end of the tour through G-Adventures, so I didn't even have to change rooms. I chose G-Adventures for several reasons. I had met travellers who provided glowing reports of trips taken with them. They are a Canadian company who employs local guides and they support local businesses and environmental initiatives. There is a lot of flexibility with free time and excursions. The excursions are varied, interesting, and affordable. Finally, G-Adventures does not charge a single supplement as they will match you with a roommate. Travellers can pay extra for a private room.

The tour begins in the capital city of San José. I had pre-arranged an airport transfer to the hotel which went seamlessly. I had booked a couple of excursions and planned on picking up a couple more along the way. So far, group travel was making a lot of my usual planning and organizing redundant, and I have to admit, I rather enjoyed that. Since I arrived earlier than my group I decided to explore the city on foot and will share my meanderings around San José in a later post. The tour does not include any tours in the capital.

Following standard group procedures, group members met with the CEO (Chief Experience Officer) Gabe in the hotel lobby and went over introductions and necessary information for our departure the following day.

On the first full day, our group started our journey to La Fortuna, in a comfortable touring bus. There are 3 places that we would be staying over the next 9 days: La Fortuna/Arenal, Monteverde, and Quepos/Manuel Antonio National Park. This trip loops from San José northwest to the central mountains and south to the Pacific Coast before returning to San José. Longer stretches of travel are broken up with stops along the way. Most of these stops allowed bathroom breaks and places to grab something to eat, as well as see something unique to Costa Rica. This wasn’t planned but a lovely older gentleman was alongside the road with his oxen and cart, so we stopped and posed for photos.