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Flashback Friday: St. Remy de Provence

St. Rémy is a small town in the Alpilles region of Provence. Lush valleys surround the town, and its old streets are lined with beautifully restored old homes and business buildings. It was where Van Gogh spent a year in hospital, after the ear-cutting incident. We arrived on Market Day and were soon wandering amongst the various vendors in market stalls along multiple streets and plazas. While we wandered along the crowded narrow winding streets we discovered fantastic old fountains, shady squares, picturesque restaurants and elegant boutiques.

After spending time in the market, we then did the "Van Gogh" walk to the Saint-Paul-de-Mausole where Vincent Van Gogh voluntarily admitted himself after his breakdown. The walk was clearly laid out with brass markers in the sidewalk and many signposts along the way.