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Flashback Friday: Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Cathedral is another one of Antoni Gaudi's stunning work, although it is yet to be completed. Work began more than one hundred years ago and is not scheduled for full completion until 2032. Gaudi took over the design a year after construction began and completely revised the design to match his intention and Modernista style to create a building to celebrate Christianity and the Catholic church.

The church plans called for 18 towers and space to accomodate 13,000 worshipers. In Gaudí's lifetime only one façade, the Nativity Façade, the apse, crypt and one tower was completed.

Upon entering, you are immediately struck by the beautiful light coming through the completed stained glass windows. Look at those reflections! I honestly did nothing to enhance the colours in these photos.

Nothing was overlooked in Gaudí's design. Even the ceiling is amazing.

Over the altar. Not being Catholic or religious, I'm not quite clear on why Jesus has a parachute/umbrella but the details on the parachute are stunning.

Outside, the walls are adorned with biblical scenes and references.

And since this is Gaudí, there will always be the appearance of El Drac.

I hope I've inspired you to book your tickets to see inside the Cathedral when you visit Barcelona. There are several different choices in ticket options, allowing you to determine exactly what you want to see and how much time you wish to spend.


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