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Flashback Friday: Safari Niagara

During my Great Canadian Road Trip, I was travelling along the road between Niagara On The Lake and my lodgings in Fort Erie when I saw a sign for Safari Niagara. I quickly pulled into a nearby parking lot to grab some Internet and a coffee. I have always been a sucker for wildlife experiences but have learned it's always a good idea to do some research to ensure I am contributing my time and tourist dollars to ethical conservation and care.

I was very impressed with what I discovered. This is a privately-owned 150 acre enterprise dedicated to conservation and education for all ages. There are wonderful programs throughout the day, playgrounds, cafés, a splash pool, ropes course, and bouncy pad as well as fishing and paddle boating on their small pond. The website also shows a myriad of choices of concerts and other special events. The animal exhibits include more than 1,000 exotic and native species in a natural environment. Most importantly, it has an excellent reputation for animal care and wildlife education. It seems that I found the perfect way to spend the rest of my day.

Safari Niagara is located in Stephensville, about a 20 minute drive from Niagara Falls, just off of Queen Elizabeth Way (locally known as "the QEW"). Unfortunately there is no public transportation, so visitors will need to hire a taxi/Uber, rent a car, or join one of the many tour bus trips offered. Parking is free and even in August there was plenty of room