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Flashback Friday: Rugby, England

We had been road tripping through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and even managed a quick dash to Wales but today we were headed to spend a couple of days with my family in Norfolk. We needed to return the Zedbra van in London the following day.

We began our drive across the country to Norfolk, planning two stops along the way. Our morning stop would be in Warwickshire where we were both interested in seeing the town for which one of our favourite sports is named. We knew Mady's daughter (currently an international-level player) and the members of the local rugby club I frequented, would be very interested in anything we could share.

Rugby is a market town near the River Avon in eastern Warwickshire. Rugby School for boys originated in the mid-1500s and by the 1800s had earned an impressive reputation. It is this school that is credited as the place where, in 1823, the game of rugby was invented by a young student, William Webb Ellis.

It is said that William Webb Elliot "in flagrant disregard for the rules of football" picked up the ball and ran, thus creating the game of rugby. The rules were put into writing in 1845 as "The Rugby Style of Playing Football"

We visited the World Rugby Museum. This was an interesting museum including a full history of the development and spread of the game and also some local art and memorabilia.

We watched a craftsman stitching a small ball by hand.

This frame used to stretch and shape the leather for the competition-sized rugby balls.

We did not do the town of Rugby justice. This was a flying stop giving us very little time to explore on a busy day. I'd love to hear from you if you've spent more time there. Tell us why Rugby needs to go on our second chances list.


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