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Flashback Friday: River of Boats

There are always surprises around the corner in Newfoundland. When driving the "Irish Loop", a scenic self-drive along the Avalon Peninsula, I discovered one of these delightful surprises. I was thoroughly enjoying pulling into little coves to watch seals and otters, as well as chatting with many local fishers. As I drove along, I caught a glimpse of a pretty little pond with some model boats. I immediately pulled over and spent an absolutely enchanting half-hour or so totally gobsmacked at the beauty and details. Today, I'm sharing Maxwell Morgan's River of Boats.

Maxwell Morgan's River of Boats can be found in the river along the main southern shore highway between Witless Bay and Mobile. These beautiful handmade boats were built and displayed by Max Morgan for “Storybook Kingdom”, a long-since closed tourist attraction. The site not only includes stunning model boats but the boats are displayed in charming fishing vignettes with little villages and lighthouses, some are even for sale.

I hope you'll find this little gem while visiting Newfoundland. It's a perfect stop to stretch your legs and be absolutely charmed. Have you stumbled onto an absolutely delightful road trip stop? Tell me about it in the comments.


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