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Flashback Friday: Laufas Sod House of North Iceland

We were on a fabulous road trip in a campervan rented from Kuku Campers and had been working our way counter-clockwise around Iceland. We were now travelling from Húsavik. Laufás is on the route about 30 minutes before Akureyri and stopped at The Laufás Turf House and Museum.

The unique sod houses, also known as turf houses, are a type of home found in many parts of Iceland, including the small village of Laufás. These houses have been around for centuries and were once the standard form of housing in the country, perfectly adapted to the environment of Iceland. Despite their age, many of these houses are still standing today and have been well-preserved due to the harsh climate of Iceland.

The Laufas Turf House and Museum was a stop we were very much anticipating. This may look like several homes built together but it is all one house. This one was home for between 20 to 30 people, including the pastors and family of the neighbouring church as well as farm hands and domestic workers.

The harsh climate and volcanic soil makes it difficult for trees to grow and thrive isn Iceland. Over the centuries, settlers cleared native wooded areas for farming and grazing. Icelandic people developed unique construction methods using the resources available.... mainly turf and stone.