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Flashback Friday: Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

For many years I hadn't ever considered Iceland as a travel destination. I knew little about it and completely overlooked it as a possibility, until I was introduced to the photography of the amazing Iurie Belegurschi. After spending months admiring his work, Iceland moved onto my travel short list. My biggest challenge was persuading Mady. At the time, we generally decided our summer trip in January. January is not the best time to persuade someone living through a frigid winter to consider a summer jaunt that would require long sleeves and woolen sweaters. Iceland Air really helped when they opened up more routes and offered fabulous fares. We fell in love with Iceland. The country was stunning, the people hospitable and humourous, the hotspots were heavenly, and there are PUFFINS! This week I shared posts about Camping along the Ring Road and The Golden Circle attractions. Today, I want to share some random scenic shots from various areas in hopes of inspiring you to plan your trip,

and even though I was planning on only using landscape photos in this post, here is a puffin because... PUFFINS!

There will be more posts coming about Iceland, there are so many more things to explore and share. Have you been to Iceland? What was your favourite part? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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