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Flair Airlines for Budget Travellers-- Am I Ready For This?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In August 2021, pandemic news was looking more positive than it had for a very long time. Canadians were being vaccinated at very high rates, and public officials in most provinces were cautiously optimistic while still trying to control breakthrough infections and the emerging variants. Domestic travel restrictions were being eased and vaccine passports were being implemented across the country. My feet were itchy and my wanderlust was burning.

It was a nice morning when a great fare to Montreal was highlighted by YVR Deals. My BFF and ATB#1, Mady, happens to live almost next door to YUL (Montreal, Quebec). It seemed like a lifetime since she and I had had the opportunity to sit in the same space to laugh, tell stories, and fix the world. A trip for a low-key hang out in a private setting seemed like a good way to begin my return to travel... and early October worked. There would be crisp fall colours but no snow. I like snow when it's at ski resorts. Otherwise, not so much.

Flair Airlines