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Amazon Wildlife Perú

Updated: May 21, 2022

I have had some outstanding experiences as I've travelled but one of the most amazing was the seven days I spent in Peru's Manu National Park with Amazon Wildlife Perú (AWP), an outstanding eco-tour company owned by William Huamani Choquepuma and his amazing wife, Carmen DaVila Salas. All the employees, guides, lodge staff and cooks are family or community members who are committed to rainforest preservation and supporting the local and native communities who live and make a living within the jungle. AWP used 3 lodges on my trip: the Rainforest and Bonanza Lodges, co-owned by AWP, and Casa Matsiguenka Lodge. All provide off-grid comfortable bungalow-style rooms. The Matsiguenka Lodge is managed by local indigenous people and creates important income for the native people. Throughout the tour, it was obvious how dedicated William and his team are to a message of support and conservation. Every detail of the expeditions support the lives of the local people and preserve the jungle environment. William considers land stewardship and environmental education of the locals to be an important part of his mission.

Our group included two English-speaking naturalist guides: owner William Huamani Choquepuma and Moises LLaqui. All AWP's guides have grown up in Manu and have worked and trained in research projects while living in the rainforest. They are experts at spotting wildlife, recognizing birds and mammals by sound and sight. Their skills quickly located wildlife while I was still squinting at branches and leaves. I found AWP while exploring TripAdvisor. I had never seen so many 5 star reviews! Every query sent through email or website was responded to promptly and very thoroughly by Carmen. I was so charmed with the service, I decided to book the 6D-5N Manu Biosphere Reserve tour as my big Splurge of the trip. They had a tour leaving the morning after my day in Machu Picchu. It was perfect timing... and wow, what a week that turned out to be!