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Travel Collectables and Souvenirs

Updated: Feb 11

updated February 2023

Most people like to have some tangible reminder of our journeys. I do, too. However, am always trying to reduce the amount of stuff I accumulate that will sit on my counters or shelves. Although I have towering walls, my home is small and it takes very little stuff to clutter up my space.

When my surfaces get cluttered, my brain gets cluttered. My souvenirs tend to be my photographs, stuff I can hang on my walls, jewellery, or ornaments that can be stashed in boxes for 11 months of the year.

I really enjoy photography. I'm not anywhere near the quality of many pros but I have some really spectacular photos. When I moved into this place, the 10m (33ft) high walls were intimidating so I decided to select a couple black & white images to print onto canvas for one of my tall walls. I was thrilled with the result and gradually added more canvases here and in my bedroom, too. I will add more with more travels. I have had digital photo frames but I've been disappointed that they haven't been as long-lasting as I would like and I really don't like them on walls.