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Flashback Friday: Top 35 Travel Moments 2022

I enjoyed a great year of travel, not only doing the vanlife thing while exploring around British Columbia but also a return to international travel with trips to France and Mexico. According to Google, I have visited 76 cities and over 28,000 km! I wanted to share my top 20 travel moments from 2022 to hopefully inspire readers to consider some ideas for your travel shortlists. I've added links to the posts that link to the photos for those wanting more information.

January sunshine and my birthday had me heading into the Fraser Valley to spend a couple of nights camping at Rolley Provincial Park for my first attempt at winter camping with Wanda. It was clear but crisp and I was awake pretty early and decided to head out on trail walk. There are few experiences that feed my soul more than being in amongst the trees.

I then carried on and treated myself to a couple of days soaking in the waters at the beautiful Harrison Hot Springs Resort to celebrate my birthday. I indulged myself with massages, good food and beverages but mainly I soaked, read, took short walks and basically chilled out. It's a rare treat to give myself permission to do nothing

In the Spring, Mady and I set off on our first international trip since the pandemic. We had planned this trip to France back in March 2020 and cancelled it two days before the world shut down. I've laughed at the fact that I have been to Paris multiple times but had never actually been to the Eiffel Tower. We agreed that we were going this time and prebooked our tickets to the top! Wouldn't you know that the day we were to go up there was a problem and we weren't able to go beyond the second level? I was disappointed but also impressed with how quickly and efficiently I was reimbursed (before the end of the day!)