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Flashback Friday: Circuito Magico del Aqua, Lima Peru

Most travellers to Peru will arrive in Lima before travelling on to Cusco and Machu Picchu. There is much to see and do in the city. Today's blog features one of the fun and budget-friendly excursions offered, the Circuito Magico del Aqua (Magic Water Circuit), part of Parque de la Reserva (Reserve Park). The entrance fee is S/4 (less than $2CAD) making it perfect for budget travellers.

The Reserve Park opened in 1929 to honour those who fought to defend Lima during the Pacific War (1881). Its design provides the city with a green space complete with Indigenous and Art Deco Style architecture and is one of Lima's most visited tourist attractions. The Parque de la Reserva is between Avenue Arequipa and Avenue Paseo de la Republica. There are several mini buses that travel along Avenue Arequipa.

The Fountain of Life

In 2007, the water and light show was added. This isn't a typical fountain display -- these fountains use lights, music and interactive elements that create entertaining showpieces. The Circuito Magico holds the Guinness record as the largest fountain complex in the world. Three times every evening is a spectacular and colourful 30-minute laser light and water show that is synchronized with both Peruvian and classical music. The Magic Water Circuit is open every day of the week from 3:00 pm- 10:00 pm with shows at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm. I arrived in the late afternoon with a plan to see all the fountains in the daylight and then wait for darkness to fall to catch one of the shows. Guests can choose to walk around or take the mini train.

There are also many topiary designs, some of which include fountains. I thought this teacup one was wonderful.

Every fountain is unique, with its own shapes, colours, and music. There is a fountain in the shape of a pyramid, one that looks like a rainbow, and another that creates "bubbles of illusion".

Fountain of Traditions (rear)

Some of the fountains are interactive, inviting guests to walk inside. Park employees help visitors to time your entry to avoid getting soaked! I thoroughly enjoyed standing in the center of the Dream Maze while the water was spraying all around me.

The Dream Maze

The 35-meter long Tunnel of Surprises is the most popular, with visitors walking through the tunnel and posing for photos.

The Arbor of Love with the pyramid fountain in the background was very popular with couples.

It was getting darker and the magic became even more apparent as the lights switched on. The Magic Fountain, is a large and elegant fountain with a huge central spout of water that can reach heights of about 80 meters!

After I had completed the circuit, it was time for the first show of the evening at the Fantasy Fountain. Crowds begin to gather about 30 minutes before show time to select a viewing spot.

The Fantasy Fountain is a long fountain. The lights bring the fountain to life with colourful sprays of water dancing to the music and shifting colour. The performance also includes laser projections of Peruvian scenes and symbols.

I enjoyed the whole experience and found it much more engaging than I had anticipated. So much, in fact, that I stayed for the second show. If I had been dressed just a little more warmly, I likely would have stayed for a third!


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