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Female Traveller Hat Style Review

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Hats are important when we travel. The right hat will protect us from the elements and be somewhat attractive. Travel hats need to be able to withstand abuse as they are squished into bags. They need to be comfortable, hard to lose, and easy to wear and carry.

Of the many hats I have had travelling some have been gleefully abandoned, some fell apart from abuse, a few have disappeared and one was left on a Croatian bus (and is still deeply mourned). Some were chosen for fashion, but most were selected for function. I now have developed criteria for a good travel hat.

Classic Cowboy Hat This early choice was a good sturdy felt hat that held up well to the constant drizzle of the Oregon coast. I bent the brim in many different shapes as peeks of the sun made their way through the mist. The wind didn't move it but it could have benefited from a neck strap when I wanted to push it off my head to take photos. (I use a DSLR and the viewfinder). The lack of ventilation makes this style best for cooler climates.

This style screams "TOURIST" outside of North America.. well really, the USA. ... and Calgary during Stampede. It can't be squished into packs and can be a nuisance when it isn't on your head. When removed, it needs to be stashed so it doesn't get squished -- often out of sight-- so therefore this style has a high "losability" score. My camera's pop-up auto flash would bump into the brim. I donated it when I moved into a smaller place. I won't replace it.